Lit Society: Books and Drama

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides (Spoiler-Free (Basically))

September 16, 2021

NOTE: Avoid spoilers by skipping 48:23 - 58:08

Today, we go back to high school as Alexis teaches us the elemental points of Greek tragedy, prepping our discussion of this week's book (which itself is a tragedy in more ways than one). What is a Greek tragedy, and which notable writers lifted the formula for their works? Broaching this topic is sure to make you blind with delight. (See what I did there?)  

Then, on to our book: Folks are dying all over campus, and one therapist-turned-detective knows who's behind the bodies, or does she? Coming head to head with the university's most beloved professor will either land her on the right side of justice or six feet underground. Follow our self-appointed sleuth through the murky waters of speculation and circumstantial evidence until everyone knows the truth except her.

Let's get LIT!


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