Lit Society: Books and Drama

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

April 15, 2021

Trigger warning: In this episode, we're discussing self-harm, including the taking of one's own life. If you or someone you know has thoughts of harming themselves, speak with someone today by dialing 800-273-8255 ... Usually, this is where we ask that if this subject is triggering, please don't listen. However, we want you to know that this isn't a downer discussion. It's genuine, honest, but we aimed to make it uplifting. Either way, if you listen or don't, you're awesome. You're valuable, and you are, without a doubt, loved by more people than you realize. Got it? ... Now, on to our book: A story about life, living, and the regrets in between, The Midnight Library is a unique invention created to tell a universal truth. It allows the reader to make some secret personal applications with the lessons of our protagonist and her desire to end it all. This story is like our better selves, begging us to listen, putting the medicine in the candy, and it does it all within 300 pages. Before diving in, we'll also break down how you - yes, even you! - can choose happiness every day. LET'S GET LIT! Find Alexis and Kari online: Instagram —; Twitter —; Facebook —; and our website Get in on the conversation by using #booksanddrama.

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